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We are swim wear designers from Currumbin Beach on the Southern end of the Gold Coast in tropical Queensland, Australia.
A beautiful part of the world, with great beaches and pumping surf. A great place to live, work and play.

Kulu is an independent Australian Company with a small dedicated staff who put in the hard yards to make it all happen... our thanks to them....and thanks retailers who stock us and you ladies who wear our product. Australian owned----Independent and Free. ...and KULU is a local Aboriginal word for new and suits our design feel.

Our fit is the most important element of our swim suits....we constantly monitor our patterns and production to make sure they fit the way they are designed to do .....which is stay on in the water. Try a pair on and you'll see why we have made it our key focus. KULU ---to be worn in the water.
Not every person has the same body,...we are all different and that is why we make different fitting styles. We design lots of varieties of styles and pant cuts to fit all the shapes of the women of the world. A summary of those shapes is on the Kulu Shapes page and we do variation on those themes so you need to call in to your local stockiest to check them all out. Try some on and you will notice the differences.

The look of our swimwear is based on our love of prints....we love colour and design elements....floral , graphics , abstracts animals...textures in fabrics...its all good to us. We design all our prints and do all the colour ways ourselves here in our art room...a big job but one that sets us apart...its our signtrackature....its our look..... lots of different prints lots of different an individual and choose one that works for you.

Quality....we guarantee all our swimsuits against all manufacturers faulty and will replace any swimsuit that has any problems not due to owners mistreatment. We have worked with our manufacturer for 14 years and we are very proud of the quality of the garments that carry our KULU label.

We all live on this beautiful Blue Planet we should look after it ...and one world for us all to share.